Race, Track and Trackday Cars

H-CarbTM treated Carbon Carbon transforms the brakes on your race, track or road Trackday car.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM treated Carbon Carbon brakes maintain their high coefficient of friction even at very high temperature without distortion.

Up to 70% weight savings are made by replacing Iron/Steel or Carbon Ceramic with FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM treated Carbon Carbon brakes. The weight saved is all unsprung and has a major impact on handling and ride with improved “turn in” and stability over bumps.

Unlike Iron/Steel brakes FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM treated Carbon Carbon brakes are highly resistant to thermal shock which together with their low wear rate and long life make them more cost effective than any other brake material currently offered.

We are initially offering a 280mm state-of-the-art, lightweight, carbon discs, pads and RR58 grain aligned calipers for trackday and racing use, which fit the Lotus Elise "family" of cars. (Elise, Exige - Caterham - Westfield - Atom - Lotus 120).

Other sizes will come on-stream in the near future.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM discs massively improve Carbon-Carbon's cold and wet performance to the level of conventional Iron/Steel brakes, whilst retaining Carbon-Carbon's extreme braking capabilities. At the same time a "dramatic" reduction in wear makes FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM a cost-effective and reassuring replacement for Iron/Steel.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM is very different from the now common Carbon Ceramic composite, weighing nearly half as much, generating significantly greater torque that ensures race-performance power.

Our downloadable price list will explain the different options you can select for front and rear axle sets. Please feel free to call us with any questions - technical or otherwise.

FrenoCarbon can also treat your existing Carbon Carbon discs - call 01908 271520 for details or fill in the enquiry page on this site.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM testimonials can be downloaded by clicking here