Until now pure Carbon Carbon has been the ultimate braking material. It has dominated braking technology in Formula 1 for the past 25 years because of its unequalled braking power and light weight.

However high wear rates and poor cold and wet response made Carbon Carbon impossible to use in most auto and motorcycle applications - until now!

Developed in Formula 1 to combat wear, FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM is a ground breaking new patented hybrid ceramic infiltration process for Carbon Carbon.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM is very different from the now common Carbon Ceramic composite which weighs nearly twice as much and generates much less braking power.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM improves Carbon Carbon’s cold and wet performance to the level of conventional Iron/Steel brakes, whilst retaining Carbon Carbon’s extreme braking capabilities. At the same time a dramatic reduction in wear makes FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM; a cost effective replacement for Iron/Steel.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM treated Carbon Carbon overcomes the drawbacks of conventional Carbon Carbon and gives long life, fade free and reliable high performance braking.

FrenoCarbon H-CarbTM uses environmentally friendly materials and has low energy requirements in manufacture.